Summer 2015 Week by Week

Summer 2015 Week by Week


COP3530 Syllabus.doc - Here is the syllabus - this covers the details of how the class is run. If there are any questions consult the syllabus.


Summary of Syllabus 


1. Use the bulletin board in Falcon Online.

2. Assignments are turned in via the drop box in Falcon Online and total 60% of your grade.

3. Follow the directions on each assignment and you will be OK.

4. There are 2 exams; mid-term and final, each worth 20%. Everything on these comes from the quizzes.




This course makes use of a lot of external materials - and I am always looking for more quality materials. One  reason for using these materials is I am not making you spend $200 on a textbook. I have found some online texts - they aren't great - but I have found sufficient materials that you should be able to get a solid foundation in Data Structures - which is really the fundamental discipline of computer science and programming. If you find good stuff - post it to the bulletin boards, I will probably add it to the topics - if it is good.


Quizzes and Exams


You will be taking quizzes through external sites. The quizzes are for you to assess your own knowledge of a topic. Exams are for ME to assess your knowledge of a topic and assign a grade. They are done through Falcon Online. Hopefully our assessments agree!