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List of All COP3530 Modules

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COP3530 Modules


These modules all have programming assignments which require you to use JavaScript. I know some of you do not know JavaScript - welcome to IT, get used to it. Here is a quick tutorial on JavaScript http://www.w3schools.com/js/  another tutorial is available at http://www.tutorialspoint.com/javascript/index.htm . I use Javascript as it allows me to have you submit your assignments using JSFiddle, which allows you to write the JavaScript online (no installing software) and submit them to me as links. Here is JSFIddle http://jsfiddle.net/ - create your account and get started.


About Topics and Modules


Topics contain information and links to information. They cover the material that you need to know. Modules give you some information, the topics you need to learn, and exercises and quizzes. They contain the "stuff" that you need to turn in for the class. The COP3530 class covers all the topics at this web site. The modules contain lots of assignments - but the actual ones you have to do each time the class is offered will change. Make sure you look at your specific semester and section to make sure you are doing the right assignments and quizzes from the assigned module.


Module (contain assignments and quizzes)
Associated Topic (materials to learn)
Module 0 - Getting Started  
Module 1 - Time Complexity

Topic - Introduction to Data Structures

Topic - Basic Data structures

Module 2 - Algorithms

Topic - Introduction to Data Structures  

Topic - Algorithms and Programming

Module 3 - Lists
Topic - Basic Data structures  
Module 4 - Stacks Topic - Stacks and Queues
Module 5 - Queues Topic - Stacks and Queues
Module 6 - Recursion
Topic - Recursive problems  
Module 7 - Sorting Part 1
Topic - Sorting Techniques  
Module 8 -  Hashing Part 1
Topic - Hashing Techniques
Module 9 - Indexes
Topic - Indexing Techniques  
Module 10 - Binary Trees
Topic - Tree Data Structures  
Module 11 - Graphs Topic - Graph Data Structures  
Module 12 - Searching Topic - Search techniques  


Module 13 - Final Exam




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