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COP3530 - Data Structures

Online Textbook



Welcome to COP3530 - This course is taught at Daytona State College as part of the BSIT program.


This course introduces fundamentals of Data Structures. Topics include: Programming strategies, Data Structures, Searching,  Complexity, Queues, Sorting, and Algorithms.


This is an online textbook developed by Dr. Ron Eaglin for this course. It has everything you need to be successful in this course - go buy a latte - you just saved some money.


Fall 2017 Course Syllabus


Wiki Based Classes - All Students Read


Course Materials


Discussion Boards, Assignment Drop Boxes, News items, and Course Syllabus are all  available in Falcon Online.  https://class.daytonastate.edu/ .


Please use the discussion board for your assignments to ask questions.


Data Structures is a fundamental class for all IT or CS program - here are Links to Schools Offering COP3530 (these can be a handy reference)


Many of the students taking this class will go on to be developers. Be good ones - read this blog post on good habits and use them - Link

COP3530 - Course Outcomes


1. Describe both complex and simple data structures.
2. Select the correct data structure and algorithm to solve specific problems.
3. Implement data structures and algorithms in computer code.
4. Analyze the performance of algorithms and data structures.

Other Reference Textbooks


Very useful e-texts.




My favorite reference http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/data-structures/ 

How the Class Works


This class has 15 weekly assignments that you must complete and submit. Each assignment has links to corresponding lectures. The assignments also contain a quiz to be used for self-assessment. If you do not understand a quiz question - you need to ask about it, even thought the answers are available (including explanations) - you need to understand the answers.


  Yes - this is the link you are looking for, start here


All COP3530 Assignments


All Course Lectures



Topics Covered (your online textbook)


1.    Introduction to Data Structures
2.    Algorithms and Programming
3.    Basic Data structures

4.    Stacks and Queues

5.    Recursive problems

6.    Search techniques

7.    Sorting Techniques

8.    Hashing Techniques
8.    Indexing techniques
9.    Tree Data Structures

10.  Graph Data Structures


My Online Textbooks (Ron Eaglin)

COP3530 - Data Structures

COP4813 - Web Systems I

COP4708 - Applied Database I (with Dr. Nabeel Yousef)

COP4834 - Web Systems II 

CEN4801 - Systems Integration 

CEN3722 - Human Computer Interaction




You should have had at least one C based course in programming. Acceptable courses as a pre-requisite are COP2800 (Java), COP2001 (C++), COP2220 (C). Also you should have at least one course in Discrete Analysis or Discrete Mathematics (COT3100, COT3103, MAD2104)



Each dot represents someone in the world using this class site.







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