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Assignment 8 - Sorting

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 3 years ago

Assignment 8 - Sorting




Learn how to select and implement sorting algorithms


Supports learning outcome 2, 3

2. Select the correct data structure and algorithm to solve specific problems.
3. Implement data structures and algorithms in computer code. 




Here is your practical application of data structures; sorting. There are literally hundreds of sorting algorithms and Topic - Sorting Techniques covers most of the important ones. Sorting is also tied very closely to searching, as it is much easier to search a sorted list. 




 You will need to fork your JSFiddle for your List into a new Fiddle. In this Fiddle we are going to add sorting functions. This is a great time to clean up your list with things that you have learned. 


You should automatically populate the List with 20 element (random strings).


Once you have completed this - you will add 2 sort functions, you can use any sort method that you desire for each of the sort functions. You can also delineate the functions by the name of the Sort function - so your functions might be QuickSort() and MergeSort() - if you chose to implement those 2 algorithms (you can select from any sort functions).  


The interface should have buttons to (1) Repopulate the list with Random strings , (2) Sort list with selected algorithm 1 (3) Sort list with selected algorithm 2 and (4) Insert a new random string entered by the user into the list. After each operation it should display the new list.



The option 4 here will insert the new string entered by the user (you will need a check box)  in the correct sorted position and you should print the new list with the new element on the screen.




Assignment Grading - Creating a random string array is worth 1 point. Each sort algorithm is worth 3 points, and the insertion is worth 3 points. 


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